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ZTS Role Certificate Client Utility


ZTS Role Certificate Client utility uses Athenz Service Identity certificate to request a X509 Certificate for the requested role from ZTS Server. Once ZTS validates the service identity certificate, it will issue a new 30-day X509 Certificate for the role. Unlike access tokens, role certificates are issued for a given role only.

Getting Software

Download latest ZTS Role Certificate Client utility binary release from Maven Central: click on the Browse button, choose the latest version directory and then download the athenz-utils-<latest-version>-bin.tar.gz.

$ tar xvfz athenz-utils-X.Y-bin.tar.gz


Before you can use the ZTS RoleCertificate utility, you need to have asked the Athenz administrators to create your top level domain.


Role X.509 certificates can only be requested using Athenz x.509 Identity certificates. Typically you configure your service identity agent (SIA) to automatically fetch and refresh the role certificates.

Requesting Role Certificates

$ zts-rolecert -svc-key-file <key-file> -svc-cert-file <cert-file> -zts -role-domain <domain> -role-name <name> -dns-domain <dns-domain> [-role-cert-file <output-cert-file>]