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Review Enabled Roles

Athenz now supports configuring roles in domains as review-enabled thus requiring two domain administrator approvals before a principal is added to a role.

Role Setup

To designate a role as review-enabled, the domain administrator may use either Athenz UI or zms-cli utility.

To use Athenz UI, the domain administrator will login to their domain role view and choose the Review Enabled slider for the appropriate role. For example, in the following case, the db_reader_access role is configured as review-served.

zms-cli -d <domain-name> set-role-review-enabled <role-name> true

The show-role command will display the review attribute if it's enabled for a role:

$ zms-cli -d home.johndoe set-role-review-enabled read-access true
[domain home.johndoe role read-access review-enabled attribute successfully updated]

$ zms-cli -d home.johndoe show-role read-access
    - name: read-access
      review_enabled: true
        - user.janedoe

Adding Users to Review Enabled Roles

Unlike a regular role, when any one of the domain administrators adds a user in a review enabled role, it will be added in pending/inactive state until it is approved by one of the other domain administrators.

For example, in this use case, the domain administrator would like to add user.bob principal to the db_reader_access role which is configured as review enabled. When the domain administrator adds the principal id to the role, it will be added in the Pending Approval column.

Self-served pending-approval request

It will be in pending state until one of the other domain administrators reviews and either approves or rejects the request.

Domain Administrator Approval

Once the pending request is processed, all domain administrators will receive an email notification stating that user.pgote would like to be added to the db_reader_access role and they need to either approve or reject the request. The email will include a link to the Athenz UI workflow page which can also be accessed by clicking on the notifications icon in the Athenz UI toolbar:

UI notification icon

Once in the approval view page, the domain administrator may either approve or reject the request. The domain administrator will need to provide a justification in the Audit Reference field and optionally specify an expiration date (even if the user didn't request one).

UI approval workflow

Once approved, the principal will become an active/approved member of the role. If rejected, the principal's name will be removed from the Pending Approval column.

** Important ** The domain administrator that submitted the original request is not authorized to approve his/her own request. It must be approved by another domain administrator. This requires that the domain must have at least 2 administrators.

Deleting Users from Review Enabled Roles

Additional domain administrator approver workflow only applies to adding users in review enabled roles. The domain administrators have the authorization to remove any principal from a review enabled role without further approval process.